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Traditional Coffee Equipment for Cafes, Bars, Coffee Shops and more

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Espresso Machines

At Arabica Espresso Services we Supply many well known brands of Traditional Coffee equipment whilst also offering full support and training for our customers & clients.

With our access to many different makes and models of equipement we will be sure to find equipment that works within your business ethos, ascetics or budget.

We offer direct sales, Leasing & rental options with standard warranty, extended warranty, fully supported contract terms or simple "pay as you go" options. 


We pride ourselves on our hands on approach working to achieve our clients visions & goals.


The grinder is a tool of great importance in extracting the aroma and taste from coffee beans, allowing for the brewing of delicious, high quality coffee.


The grinder is a very crucial aspect to making coffee and is as important as the machine that produces the final product.

All our rental packages include a top of the range grinder with full support, you can find out more about our grinder rental options by CONTACTING us today or to purchase a grinder direct please use the shop now button below.



Consistency is key! So you've got the Espresso Machine, You've got the Grinder, but somehow your extractions vary from barista to barista... what could it be!?

Tamping by various baristas or machine users will always vary slightly with some tamping harder than others which then leads to extraction variance. 

The PuqPress is designed to take that out of the equation tamping to the exact pressure each and every time so that your coffee  eqtraction will improve along with the consistency of every coffee made.

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